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    Alde overflow box - is it normal?

    Hello all. This summer I bought a widebeam narrowboat, with installed an Alde compact 3020 plus Alde Flow for heating/hot-water (sorry, no caravan ;-) ). The pipes going into the heater seem to all have a "diversion" tube, which leads to an open box stored underneath the floor (pic below). The...
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    Electric water heater

    Hi, we have an Alde wet system central heating and water heater system that is leaking coolant. Annoyingly caravan service engineers refuse to touch it as Caravan is over 10 yrs old! I was wondering if I could replace the boiler with a simple electric only water heater (tank or in line) that...
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    Moved in and cold, AC giving issues.

    Hey, this is the first time in god knows how long I've done anything with a forum and its the first for this kinda topic. Bear with me as I have unfortunate propensity for rambling and going off topic and have... Basically no knowledge of anything. Got all the books on a table, will update and...
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    Truma ultra heat.

    Hi all, my truma ultra heat has stopped working on 2000w and 1000w. Just works on the 500w but not very good? Has anyone else had this problem if so did you find out what was causing it? Tia