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    Trim a Thetford toilet to fit?!

    Hi all We've just picked up an older Bailey Pageant Bordeau and are looking to start working on it, from the back to the front... Starting with the bathroom: it has an ugly beige set of C200 Thetford toilet and oddly un-findable shower tray with the drain at the back (nearest the toilet) We...
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    Thetford fridge not working on gas

    Arrived on site today and attempted to start on gas to cool quicker. It's the first time I have tried it on gas since buying the van. I should have tested it before as it's now out of warranty. When when I hold the dial in you hear the gas flowing, you press the igniter a few times and...
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    I have a blocked flush system on an old thetford cassette C2 manual flush.Does anyone have any experience with this sort of problem and how to fix it

    The flush system liquid will not come out into the bowl. I cant work out how to get to the pipe work to enable me to unblock it.