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    How to change micro switch in whale tap - Xplore 574

    Hi all, new member here. currently away in Whitby,bathroom tap only has a dribble on both hot and cold and does not activate pump when opened. based on what I’ve read, it’s likely to be the micro switch. I’m struggling accessing it in this tap as I’m not 100% how to get the top off it. I don’t...
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    Water leaking

    I am a proud owner of an LMC Dominant 1998 model. This week I filled my water tank for the first time this summer and when I turned my pump on the water tank was empty. Since I was parked in a small slope all the water was leaking from the bottom under the toilet. Does someone know what can be...
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    Cold Water Running Hot!

    Hi, We have a 2016 Lunar Venus 580 which we love. We have a problem with the cold water feed to the kitchen tap whereby the water runs alternately hot and cold for at least 30 seconds. The issue is caused by the hot and cold plastic pipes being clipped together on their path from the inlet...