2012 Bailey Rimini - known faults?

Jun 20, 2005
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oldagetraveller1 said:
Thinking about buying this van. Are there any known faults I should look out for?
The usual, Full Service history including annual damp tests. They come with Alu-Tech construction. Maybe even the 10 year water ingress guarantee? Depends what previous owners did. I’ve had three Baileys with no water leaks. Some soft furnishings can be weak in the sponge dept. Look for cracking in front and rear panels. Look hard. Any cracks are tiny and tend to propagate from the upper awning rail . I doubt you will find any but do look closely. Years back there was a manufacturing problem which installed the panels leading to premature stress fractures. Cured long ago and many cracked ones were replaced under warranty. Otherwise other than checking for damp the appliances are common to most makers..A good looking unit.
Nov 11, 2009
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Look carefully at the floors especially near to wall and in corners. Both inside and outside underneath. A previous thread highlighted that some early alutech caravans had condensation coming off of the frames and running down and rotting the floor. I recall that the OP rejected the caravan. Not sure if floors are included in damp check survey unless problems suspected.
May 7, 2012
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The only thing I would add is that if the warranty is ten years make sure that you get copies of the servicing documents and they are in order, check the conditions of transfer and follow them to the letter.
If buying privately get the serial number and check it with HPI and the NCC to make sure it is not on HP or stolen. Do not have the caravan brought to you but see it at the sellers address and make sure they are who they say they are.


Dec 21, 2003
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We had a 2012 Rimini and had a lot of problems x beautiful van inside and layout .
But problems put me off .also I found it didn’t tow well .


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