2017 Buccaneer Galera 2 New Vans and Still Probs

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May 7, 2012
travellerone said:
I really wish you luck and as it is another sad tale of shoddy careless workmanship and QA inspections that are pointless. Manufacturers only respond to bad publicity and or loss of revenue and listeneing to sales people telling me that order books are full indicates nothing is likely to change. If I read the CC 2017 survey correctly then 7 out of one hundred new caravans have a water leak issue which is shocking. I have decided to put my cheque book away for 2017.

Have to agree. They seem to have dealt with the increased orders by just rushing more through and have probably put more people off their products in the long term..
Mar 14, 2005
VannaRich said:
...I haven't heard a word from the manufacture,...

Hello again VanRich,

Im sorry to have to point out yet again, that given the circumstances you have described, your problem is specifically related to the Dealer involved. You have no contract with the manufacturer and as such they have no legal liability directly to you for the actions of the dealer.

Under the terms of the CRA, the dealer should ensure the goods they sell are as described and of merchantable quality. That means the dealer should arrange with their suppliers to ensure they only receive items in good condition, and if not, atleast have the processes in place to either return such goods or have the means to correct the faults BEFORE they sell them on to retail customers. That is what dealers are there to do , so the fact they did sell faulty goods means they are in breach of the CRA.

I do agree with you that it would be nice if the manufacturer would at least acknowledge the problems but it would not be admission of liability to you. Yes the manufacture is ultimately to blame, and all of them need to sharpen their act considerably But unfortunately the contractual arrangements between manufacturer and dealer are not of your concern and are not governed by the CRA as that only applies to retail sales.

Good luck
Apr 22, 2017
Hope this was eventually sorted to your satisfaction.

I've been thinking of a Buccaneer for a while now, must admit this has put me off a bit.


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