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In my opinion this is a forum where where people discuss issues to do with caravans. It is not a chat room which is what has been going on here. Chat rooms attract trolls and such like. I am a member of lots of chat rooms and there you constantly banter with others and to be honest expect to get insulted a little as it is all in good humour. In my opinion this is not the sort of forum where this goes on, people are just posting for advice, not to chat through things or be insulted. A different type of user posts here. I myself have been on the end of someone commenting on how I spend my holiday. I do not wish to discuss this any further and would advice all members to ignore any such banter, those trolls will go away if you ignore them.

Sorry to moan, just a bit of advice from someone who uses lots of different forums.

Mar 27, 2005
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Hi All

When I posted the television message I took great care to address the issue in a non-confrontational manner as I suspected the subject had potential to offend a sensitive minority hence why I used phrases like 'not meant as criticism more observation' and '.get different things from our breaks'. I was pleased that over 80% of replies clearly took this on board, even the Captain replied sensibly (for him). Had I entitled it 'why do so many of you watch TV for goodness sake get a life' I dare say the percentage figures would have been the other way round.

I also come across threads that appear to, or do, offend me or have no interest to me. I simply avoid them. I accept some people may want to post on subjects I disagree with as we are all different and live in a society that lets us express our individual views.

Had I posted the question in any other section other than general then I could have expected and accepted adverse comments but as the general section is entitled 'Express your views and let off steam about general caravanning issues' I knew I was on safe ground. 'I was expressing a view on a general caravanning issue'

Further the question was not aimed at any one type or named person, I have posted before to berate individuals and I have no qualms what-so-ever in naming people if the need arises.

I have apologised on my original thread and do so here if I have offended, but I make no apologies for posting the original message.

Enjoy your caravanning as you like to(-:


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