A doggy tale!!!!!!!!

Mar 14, 2005
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The resurrection of the dog mess debate has reminded me of an amusing incident in our local park. I often used to see a guy walking a Newfoundland (for those of you who dont know, this is a large, usually quite heavy, black dog). He never paid any attention to the dog or what it was doing and never picked up its mess. One day I say the dog "perform" where the guy could clearly see it, when he started to walk off I called out and asked if he wanted to borrow a bag so he could clear it up. He said "oh--Er--yes---thanks, I keep mine in the car" (useful!). He took my bag and walked over to where the dog had "performed" but after walking around in circles for a while without finding anything I went over to help. He said "I dont thik he did anything" and I said "He did, mate you're standing in it"! As I think they say in football "Re-sult"!