A great police force

Jul 18, 2017
I am proud to have served with the British South Africa Police (BSAP) in Rhodesia over 50 years ago when I was young and from day one we were taught to be impartial. We also had to study general Law & Order to qualify as a policeman. The video with PT and parading may take some back to their days in the services of their country.

The BSAP was a Queen's regiment and also paramilitary force. The video was filmed in 1979 some time after I had left. See
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9J5XT8jUp8I

This is not a political post and is for interest only. If a mod thinks it is inapproriate, can it be removed.
Nov 11, 2009
I was a total failure at parading. So much so that my Divisional Officer an Aussie, said that I need not attend Divisions as my inability tended to disrupt those adjacent to me. They even tried the two long poles approach with me in the middle of two Gunnery instructors. But alas that failed too. On my third incarnation I was on the staff who all shuffled out once the Divisions had assembled. That I could manage.
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