Abandoned car blocking approach road

Feb 23, 2018
This happened on Sunday as I approached the site near Bude: on the approach road I encountered a Police car behind what turned out to be an abandoned car. The genius that had been driving it has parked (and locked it) in the narrowest part of the already narrow road. This meant that cars and vans could squeeze past without damage, but caravan and motorhomes were scraping through the hedges.

Typically we were seconds from reaching the site but decided to wait for the recovery truck. As we waited and chatted with the police officer who turned out to have been a cop in our town(!) A fellow caravanner going the other way, decided to risk it and got through but scrapped the left side of their van. I would have put 4 side windows through the hedge; not worth it. My decision to wait was justified when a cyclist stopped and said they had gone past in a motorhome and had scratched their acrylic windows and side panels.

So the advice from the Police was to call them if a vehicle was blocking the road and they will arrange recovery. In total we spent about 45mins waiting and it was fun to watch the recovery guy drag the Vectra onto a low loader.


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