Al-Ko Damper recommendation.

Jun 30, 2022
I recently acquired a trailer for my 1934 car to take to rallies, the hitch damper is shot, rusty etc.,

The hitch itself is very old, though totally reliable but I can't identify the correct, or near, damper to fit to the Hitch.

The two bolts that the Damper fits between has a maximum distance of 400mm, and a minimum of 330mm.

There is no Eti number available.

There is a plate on the hitch body with the Ref: TSV 198P.

Other references stamped into the hitch bodywork indicate it's capacity is <1800kgs.

I'm trying to find a suitable Damper, but none of those I've identified seem to fit the measurements needed.

Any pointers, without obligation would be appreciated.
Nov 11, 2009
Try speaking to PF Jones Ltd or Western Towing they are both trailer towing specialist companies. Do you have any pictures as it’s difficult to envisage just from dimensions and codes.

PF Jones

These are a god source of info too

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