Autosleeper Symbol ES Peugot Boxer 2.0 HDI battery problems

Apr 29, 2011
My questions i relats to the vehicle battery of the Autosleeper Symbol ES

The vehicle goes totally flat within about 10 days of none use. When I check the vehicle battery level indicator on the control panel, it still shows the batter as almost half full.

1) Is this a fault with the control panel not registering the correct battery charge.
2) Is there another reason why my battery goes totally flat
3) Which Jump Starter unit would anyone recommend that would start a flat battery on a Peugeot Boxer 2.0 HDI Diesel vehicle

Would appreciate your suggestions
Jan 7, 2011
I had the same vehicle and yes the battery would discharge in 2-3 weeks. The reason they go flat is that the radio takes a small charge plus alarms etc. Could it be that your battery is starting to fail? As to a jump charger I used an Aldi one which was fine but that only lasted around 4 years and a replacement battery would have cost around double the price of the replacement from Aldi. I used a Ctek charger to keep it charged then it was always ready to go.


PS You didnt buy it from Discover by any chance?


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