avondale mayfly caravan

Mar 19, 2018
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Hi All
I am a new member of this forum and i need some technical help.
I have a 1998 Avondale Mayfly caravan which is in good condition but the herzim strip all round is really cracking quite bad and i want to replace it.
I have found a supplier but on measuring the size of the rail it fits into, it appears to be 2 different sizes 10mm and 12mm does anybody know if this is correct.
I will welcome any replies.
Jan 19, 2002
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12mm appears to be the most common for standard awning rails - available in several colours for about 95p per metre. I don't know whether Avondale may have used mixed sizes, for example the draught skirt vs the awning rail, but you can order what you need by the metre to replace like-for-like.
Cut the plastic a couple of inches longer than the length needed. Chose a warm day and soften the strip in hot water before starting. I have only replaced one strip across the rear that had become brittle and discoloured but I used a small plastic craft spatula to ease the second side in as I went along, then let it cool, then re-fit any retaining screws, then cut to length. It takes a bit of time and patience! Also worth using some mastic to reseal any screws you replace.
Mar 14, 2005
I also have an Avondale which is a couple of years younger than yours. I'm also gradually replacing the plastic insert on the awning rails. So far I've done the awning skirt rails and the pieces over some of the windows. Same 12mm strip went into both.


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