Bailey Vermont

May 10, 2005
I've just spent my last long weekend in my old faithful, 1994 Bailey Beachcomber. Now I'm actively looking for a replacement.

I had decided on a Bailey Monarch but then I saw the Vermont and am now torn between the two.

Any comments on either?

I have a budget of about £8000 (I'be seen a Vermont on the internet within my budget but am now sure about buying privately, again comments welcome)
Mar 14, 2005

be very careful if buying privately,check with CRIS which can help in proving ownership of the van,that is of course if the van registration is up to date.

Be extra careful if buying from the internet,a lot of con merchants amongst the honest sellers.

If the van appears to be really cheap (well below what its worth)

walk away as its probably stolen.

I looked at a van being sold privately a couple of years ago,to

summarise I was very lucky to walk away,the seller just did'nt seem right,hard to explain,just got a bad feeling.

Anyway I found out later it was a stolen van from Ireland... this was discovered after a police raid.

I eventually bought my present van privately and it all checked out ok and managed to haggle a price reduction and some extras thrown in.

Going with cash in pocket is always a bonus.

Happy hunting..
May 10, 2005
Thanks John,

I am very cautious about buying privately, but I've heard a number of people say you get more for your momey that way....I guess it is a balance of more for you money or the come back of a retputable dealer, should anythign go wrong.
Jul 26, 2005
Hi Trisha,

Bought a 2002 Vermont new mainly becuase now there are only two of us the huge end bathroom and dressing area appealed plus all the Senator features. As a luxury two berth its hard to beat and at around 1300 KG it's towable without resorting to megga towcars. As a value for money van it's great although there were a couple of quality problems on ours - leaking rooflight and crazed shower doors - both fixed under warranty.

Have now traded it for an Oklahoma as the fixed bed and central divider design won us over - particularly the fixed bed!

I go along with the comments on buying privately specially the CRIS stuff; in the end you have to use your own judgement. I tried unsuccesfully to sell my Vermont and went the tradein route - you don't get such a good price but from a good dealer will beneifit in other ways such as a warranty, freshly serviced van if used and the reasurance that it is kosher.

Lastly - just a thought - the classifieds in club mags are more likely to contain genuine sellers I would think, villains are unlikely to Join the CC or CCC or are they?


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