bailley pagaent roof

Mar 2, 2006
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I have a 2000 bailley pagaent imperial which I have just cleaned and pollished ready for our trip next week to yorkshire.while up through the rooflight cleaning the roof I noticed what looks like a hairline crack about 6" long (shock Horror) . is this something I should be worried about is it possible or is it just a flaw in the paintwork. There are no sighns of any water ingress that I can see. if it is a crack can it be repaired easily
Nov 6, 2005
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You are correct to invstigate this as it could cause major water ingress.

On a 2000 Pageant the outer roof skin is a single sheet of aluminium attached at front, back, sides and round the apertures. It's not a structural panel so it's unlikely to develop a hairline crack. It's more likely to be a scratch which goes through the paint, down to the aluminium.


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