Battery leak

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Jan 3, 2012
I take OC's point's re the possible, indeed likely, hassle if a battery needs returning. Also, that, until you have a fault you cannot really know the quality of the supplying company.

Knowing this I purchased direct from Tayna about 6 months ago. Making a saving of about £35. Great service, and the battery is fine. So for the saving I was pleased to take the risk.

This is their policy on faulty batteries.

Faulty Items

Although faults with batteries are very rare, we do occasionally get items that are faulty after purchase. We aim to handle all faulty items returned to us as quickly as possible to avoid inconvenience to you. We strongly suggest checking that your battery is where the fault lies as in many cases it could be a faulty alternator or boot/glovebox light sticking on that is causing the indicated problems with the battery. As many as 50% of batteries returned to us for test are simply flat and need recharging!

After a faulty battery is confirmed we will pay to ship a replacement back to to you, but where no fault is found, unlike some companies we don't charge a test fee but we do have to charge carriage back to you at cost. Any non-faulty items not collected within 3 months will be disposed of.

Hi John at present i very happy with the two mobility batteries they are over two years + still going strong . (Touch Wood ) they were a good buy
Jun 16, 2020
I agree that if there is no issue the savings are great however if the fault is wiht the battery returning the battery to Tanya can be an eye opener even when they agree that there is a fault. Getting a courier to take back the battery is another hurdle as in most cases the caps for the air vents are no longer to be found.
Fully agree. The buyer just needs to be aware. Only they can decide if the savings are worth the risk.

In my opinion. Batteries do not fail like they did many years ago. Quality is much better.

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Nov 11, 2009
To break the impasse I even had to pay the return costs even using the courier that they used to deliver the replacement. By then I’d lost the will to live. CRA 2015 regardless.
£35 saving over a normal 7+ year life is £5 a year. Worth the premium in my mind.
Oct 3, 2013
Following has never happened before. Took battery out of caravan to give it a boost, had to walk about 40 m to garage and happened to look back along pathway and found long trail of "water". The battery is about six months old and is the so called non whatsit. On investigation underneath two labels about the battery found the usual filling caps . Looked inside and I had nearly emptied down to top of plates. The trail on the sandstone slabs have all been marked with the acid. Later it rained hard but when the slabs dried out the trail is still evident .It had all come out via the breather vents. As for me the battery being so heavy I used my sack truck and the vibration caused the problem.
When mixing the acid/distilled water to replemish the electrolyte solution lost from the battery .Always remember to add acid to water and not water to acid - remember A to W alphabetically.



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