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Oct 7, 2019
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We are looking into getting a used caravan next year, and going to the NEC show next weekend, there is only two of us but 4 dogs, we don;t really want fixed bunk beds and would like an island bed but struggling to find any such layout, any ideas, we can't afford new and wouldn't want to take this option till be decide if we like it or not. Forgot to say we are looking at 5-6th Berth as may take grandchildren, we can only find 4 berth with island beds
May 7, 2012
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The island bed needs a lot of room and this makes it difficult to fit that in to a six berth model. They are also a fairly recent innovation so second hand six berths will be difficult to find with one. You might find a few more with a side bed at the back instead if that helps.
The show will feature new caravans, but if you corner a salesman doing nothing he might check the stock they have at their base for you.
Jun 17, 2011
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A six berth will either have bunk beds or two dinettes and a side table that converts into bunks. You will struggle. It would help if you said how many and ages of grandchildren. Have you a weight limit? Whatever you do buy from a reputable dealer.


Mar 17, 2007
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Perhaps have a look at an Elddis Avante 526. Kimberley caravans did a dealer special called a Fusion 526. Other dealer specials are probably around. 6 berth, Not an island bed, but a fixed side bed, side dinette that would convert into bunks, and a (very) bijou wet room. Not huge. MPTLM of just under 1500 kg and a single axle. They stopped making them around 2011.
Caravan finder allows you to search by layout. Might be worth looking on there.
Jan 31, 2018
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How about just buying the caravan that suits you best and then get a decent awning with an extension sleeping area. We bought a 4 birth after a 2 birth as we thought my daughter would like touring with us-well she does BUT, she just loves the awning-even in the cold well wrapped and with a decent blow up bed-she would always choose the awning-big adventure, great fun and her own space! (we don't ever heat it as don't think it environmentally friendly or fair to the site operators re electricity useage!)