Best silicone to use when fixing cycle carrier

Nov 16, 2020
Hi , I propose to fit a Fiamma cycle carrier to the rear of my Chausson 718xlb, currently it only has the factory fitted top rail and I need to drill the rear panel to fix the lower rail. Can anyone advise on most suitable silicone to use to seal. Alternatively has anyone any information on “suckers” to use instead of drilling, not sure if would be suitable??? Only fixed on top rail and suckers for lower fixing cycle carrier only??? Possibly a naive solution??


May 7, 2005
Silicone sealants are not suitable, you need a "non setting" product or if it is never going to be removed a bonding sealant, like one of those from Sikaflex. That is a polyurethane based as opposed to a silicone based product.
Speak with a good motorhome or caravan workshop, they know the issues and stock the suitable products.
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Nov 11, 2009
I tend to use CT bonding adhesives although if you look at Screwfix there are others available by Unibond, Gorilla etc. You would need one that is waterproof but those for external use are and some can even be applied under water too. I recently bonded a large slate house nameplate weighing 4 kg so that I didn’t have to drill and align screws. For that job I used CT 1. A link is below. You need to decide whether you require a bond or seal.

CT adhesives
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Jan 3, 2012
i would agree with JTQ the most suitable silicone Sikaflex or an equivalent sealant is used to ensure watertightness .
i would ask a motorhome dealer for advice . The bike rack instructions make it clear that you have to find the hard parts of the wall structure and make sure you bolt through them ..