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Jun 5, 2005
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Hi we are with the Caravan Club and took up there Mayday cover with Green flag, It covers car and caravan and also includes double journey cover so if you breakdown on the way to your holiday they will take you where you are going and if you can't get vehicle repaired they will pick you up at the end and take you and your caravan back home.

I have not had to use it yet but it all looks pretty good only
Mar 14, 2005
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Hi Cindy

We're with Caravan Club Mayday too. I was attracted by the "double journey" cover after our car broke down "big-time" enroute to a caravanning holiday in Scotland. We were held up for a week whilst the car was repaired. We've not broken down with caravan attached since.

Previous to that we were with Brittania - they covered the caravan too and on another occasion took the car and on a breakdown lorry with the caravan hitched on behind. They too were very helpful agreeing to let us remain at our holiday site in St Davids until the end of our holiday before towing/transporting us home. (This doesn't happen to us every holiday by the way the 2 incidents were a few years appart!!)

Even breakdown services that take caravans too its worth checking if they have any restrictions on length of caravan as some do.




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