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Aug 6, 2016
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I know this may seem silly to some but i have been caravanning for 40 years, and i have been useing the same awning for almost 30 years so its served me well. But now i need to replace it, i own an elddis xplore 304 the light weight baby model, and just wondering what people reccommend, my old one was a canvas isabel one, i dont want an air one, and the trouble when you look at one in the shop, they want to sell you what they want, thank you in advance,
Mar 14, 2005
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Given the service you have had from the old awning - exceptional, i would say - I sould be inclined to go for as near the same as I could find. There are many awinings for sale secondhand and they don't sell very well as I know to my cost, so you may find a bargain.
Again from experience I would probably avoid porch awnings rather than full size unless you have very good reasons for not doing so. I've had both and the porch awnings have been more difficult to errect than full awnings as the poles are more complicated. There is also the problem of possible rubbing of the van sides when the side panels are in contact with it. The pads usually fitted work fairly well but for long stay on a dusty site e.g. Spain, the fine grit can get onto the pad and rub paintwork in windy weather.
No with restricted mobility I've gone gore for a wind-out Omnistor top together with good windbreaks to provide sheltered eating area and a canopy which can be rolled up very wquickly and easily if the weather requires this.


Mar 17, 2007
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Hi nimrod. On the Elddis 304, you don’t have a huge amount of room aft of the door because the toilet locker is between the van door and the end of the van, so you need to look at the style of awning that would fit. If your current awning fits well, you may want to stay with a similar configuration.
Your Isabella has done Stirling service, if it fits well, why not another one, if you can bear the price tag? There are second hands deals to be done too. Good luck in your search.
Nov 16, 2015
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Nimrod, why not try to contact the awning maker with your story and they "might "explore your awning story and replace it with a good deal, price wise.


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