buying used vans

Mar 14, 2005
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The main things to consider are, firstly, a lot of the vans from abroad, ie German, etc, are heavier than the GB ones, check out the weight with reference to the limit of your tow car. Secondly, the wiring will probably be different, that is, tow electrics as well as mains electrics, Continental vans tend to be fitted with a 13 pin plug for the towing electrics, and the mains sockets are of the two pin flat type. Then there is the question of width of the van,It is illegal to tow a van over 2.3 mtrs with a car, an dmost continental vans are 2.5 mtrs wide. To tow that size van, you need to have a commercial vehicle, minimum size like the Sprinter vans you see. The final thing to bear in mind is that with a commercial size vehicle and a large van, you may well find you are refused entry to some sites, as those type of outfits are seen, rightly or wrongly, to be mainly used by travellers. Oh,and dont forget, spares may be harder to source, or involve costly shipping charges.


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