Caravan electrics update post

Mar 23, 2005
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Hi, i have a problem with the 240 supply in my caravan (late 70s early 80's cavalier 390T). A toaster was plugged in and developed a fault and The mains supply light went off. When i take the 2amp 240 supply fuse out, the mains light comes on, but when i replace it, the mains light goes out, the fuse appears to be ok. It seems as though there is a problem with the plug circuit, and connecting the plug supply via the fuse trips it off. There are two plugs, and both are affected. The fuses in the zig are all ok. tHERE IS A Hagen? box in a cupboard separate from the zig which has a trip for the 240 plugs, it seems ok, it's only when i plug something in the mains light goes off. Thanks to Shiraz for his earlier comments, but does anyone know how i can get the sockets working again, thanks, Tom
Mar 14, 2005
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Hello Tom, With respect as you have been unable to resolve your difficulty and you have resorted to asking for help on this forum, I have to conclude that you are not fully familiar with electrical wiring. Your reported problem suggests that there is a fault on the 230V socket wiring, but without testing it is not realistic for any one to accurately diagnose of offer a guaranteed remedy through this forum. Your best and safest solution is to seek the services of a qualified electrician who can properly investigate and correct the problem. Do also consider that whilst the fault exists it may pose a danger to anyone using the caravan. Seek professional help.


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