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I remember someone somewhere in this forum mentioned a while ago about a game that was coming out where you created your own caravan park and kept it running (bit a like the theme park games). I cant remember when they said it was coming out and whether it was PC or playstation etc. Can anyone enlighten me please, has it come out and if not when?.


Different search engines find different things, depending on where they were first set up. Thats how I had things explained to me. I have put in what you said and it says in wanadoo and it says that years in the making does not exist. I will try google.
Mar 14, 2005
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I have found it now, you did have to use another search engine. I found it on google! It wasnt in

wanadoo so that proves my point. Thanks for helping anyway!
Hi Michelle Sarah

As an IT technician, we have the problems that you have experienced reported to us quite often. There seems to be some misconception on the use of a Search Engine.

Search Engines are only to be used to search for an unknown website address. So you may for example search for 'Caravan Tycoon' in one of the Search Engines and see what comes up. Depending on how the search engine tags sites and crawls the web listing sites, may result in different results appearing in different engines.

In this case however you DO know the address of the site. You therefore don't need to search for it. Hence Martin's confused second comment.

In your web browser, e.g. Internet explorer, just either manually type in the address given into the Address (or URL)box, or 'Copy and Paste' it in from the forum page. Just hit the return (or Enter) key and you'll be taken straight to it.

Typing a web address into a search engine can often produce no results at all. It's a bit like looking in a phone book for someones phone number even though you know what it is. But finding that they're ex-directory and it isn't listed.