Mar 1, 2006
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NEC:Had lots of 6 berth caravans nice set ups and then bang how do you or why do the caravan designers fit 5/6 poeple in smaller vans then 2/3/4 poeple.Also the fixed bunks have all got shorter now my 6 foot teenager can,t fit in the van.This is mainly armed at the twin axles and small singles as the rear bunks are shorted by the silly shoe cardboards they fit at the end.Owell I won,t be changing my 6 berth this year as nother fits the family
Dec 16, 2003
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We are a very tall family and know exactly what you mean. The wife and I had the van and the kids had the awning bed sections or there own tents :)

The van was always there for bad weather, but can't remember them ever using it to sleep in. They loved having their own space and it kept the van clutter free and stopped squabbles over bed making and who had the bunks etc!
Nov 6, 2005
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Caravan beds haven't got smaller, they've always been too small.

An estate agent or builder can't describe rooms in a house as "bedrooms" unless a 6'3" adults bed will fit in. Excluding transverse beds, virtually all caravan beds are less than this, often down to 5'10" which is only suitable for small children.

Because of improvements in diet and social conditions, each generation of children grow slightly taller than their parents (on average). So why do manufacturers still build caravans based on 1950's sized people?



I suspect you already know the answer to your own question regarding why manufacturer's do what they do. Money has a major influence. If the bed in a finite sized van can be 'shrunk' it can make the rest of the van look more spacious and persuade gullible Joe Public to buy it. After all you can usually test drive a car, or even take it home overhight, but it is rare to be allowed to use a new van before purchase. I am one of those strange people who has been seen crawling over the beds in show vans with a measuring tape, and usually ending up departing muttering comments about 'midgets' etc. I was also amused to read some of the latest issues of the caravan press where the new Bailey Ranger fixed bed model gets prominence. However, the bed width in that van is 135 cm or 4ft 5inches in real money and then tapers, as do many towards the foot. My own van which has an indentical layout and outside dimensions, but is from Europe, manages to get a width of 145 cm to the bed, an increase to 4ft 9 inches. Even with the taper this gives both my wife and I sufficient room to sleep very comfortable without rolling into each other. The difference is displaced from the washroom. I spend at least 8 hours every day asleep so I feel that this time should be spent as confortably as possible, otherwise everything else in the day goes downhill. I usually only use the washroom a few short times a day, so no problem. So you takes your choice, and pays your money, and hopes it will be alright.


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