Caravsn roof cover

Jun 10, 2018
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Hi could any of you reccomend a good quality roof cover please as I have to park my van under a small tree that often in the summer drops small dots of sapp.
Mar 14, 2005
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I never used a cover, but I have known several people who have, and whilst the covers has afforded protection from tree droppings etc, they have almost universally had other problems such as rubbed paint work and scratched windows. Some have had mould problems but that was not strictly due to the cover, but it did exacerbate it.

The covers they have had have generally only lasted a couple of years or at best about 5.

Caravans are designed to be outside, and should not need to be covered.

For those reasons I can't recommend a cover, but suggest trying to find a different location to keep the caravan.
Nov 16, 2015
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Curly, hello, never noticed your posts before, but rather than try and find a different location, like Prof says, Maybe a good coating of the Fenwicks Winter Wax, as mentioned on a different thread. I have never used it but that might help. I know how corrosive Sap, Spider and bird dropping can be. I suppose how often you would take your caravan out. Other may suggest a good Roof cover.