carver cascade trouble

Apr 2, 2006
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Can anyone help me with this one!

When filling the water heater for the first time this year , no water would come out of the hot taps .Thinking airlock ,I shook the pump , still no joy . Cold water would come out of the cold taps , so the filter wasn't blocked .I then drained the heater again, same result .After repeating this half a dozen times (in the pouring rain on a campsite , in the dark! ),I looked at the heater inside, here I found a leak , only a light one , from the elbow joint on the back of the inlet housing.At this point I gave up for the night.

My questions are these.....

1 Has anyone came across the same blockage (I assume it is ) problems ? and how did you cure it.

2 How do you get the pipe connectors off . I notice it had a collar that could be moved in .

3 Could the back pressure of a blockage cause a joint to leak ?

Any help would be appreciated as I need to fix it before dont realise how much you need the water until you can't have it!
Mar 14, 2005
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This is all to common a problem at this time of year and in general it is caused for two reasons.

One is a non-return valve damaged by frost, this is in the cold water inlet which you are having problems with. To remove the leaking pipe fitting from the inlet, push it forwards and hold that 'locking' collar you speak of in while pulling the whole fitting backward and it should slide off. You then need to unscrew the inlet itself and replace it if this is the problem.

The other possible is a blockage in a narrow passage behind the inlet which takes water up into the tank, this can become clogged by loose lime scale being flushed out with the previous draining. If this is the case a quick way of clearing it is to 'back flush' it with a hose pipe connected as best you can to the drain bung hole. The non-return valve will stop the water pressure from the hose going that way so it can only go through the passage, you must have the hot taps open to release air in the tank but hopefully the pressure of the hose will push the blockage back inside where it will do no harm until the next time perhaps!
Sep 7, 2004
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I have had same problem today ,your problem is the cold inlet non return valve. replace this and you should have your hot water tap gushing after a few minutes of filling the water heater. New non return valve


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