Changing Mixer Tap On An Avondale Argent 2004.

Jun 15, 2009
Hi Guys

Been trying without success to remove the mixer tap on a 2004 Avondale Argent.

Been underneath and removed the 6 wing nuts holding sink onto worktop.

Then undone the Red & Blue John Guest tube fittings from the 2 braided pipes that come from the Hot & Cold of the mixer tap but the tap is still held solid to worktop.

Is there another nut directly under the tap holding it down onto worktop.

If there is its a ***** to reach into as the tap is right at the back in the right corner and up into a crevice.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.



May 7, 2005
Get a mirror out or mobile phone in camera mode to check if there is a big brass nut under the tap, there typically is.
Now, I have that challenge and one where the room to get to it is restricted to just about a hand sized space. So, I made a small disc of 19 mm plywood, where I fret out an open ended spanner slot into it.
Fortunately, I had the replacement tap so knew this was how it was fixed and the size spanner I needed for the job. It should only be lightly done up or otherwise the stress could damage the replacement tap over time.


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