Chausson Welcome waste water tank query

Aug 30, 2013
Hi I am a new user to the forums and have a question about the waste water tank.
I have just bought a new 2011 Welcome 78 EB motorhome and was wondering if anyone else was looking at a solution for the waste water. To discharge the waste water you pull a lever that opens a shut off valve on the outlet to the waste tank. As this is situated in the middle of the vehicle just behind the rear axel and is impossible to see unless you lay down and slide under the vehicle. It is difficult to dump the water and I wondered of anyone has a solution to the problem. I guess this is similar to all Chausson motorhomes.

Any help or guidance to forums would be gratefully received.
Jan 23, 2011
Hi Mike
Drain valve under the middle of the vehicle would really annoy me.
A possible solution (although I have not crawled under a Chausson) would be to connect a fixed hose (secured to the lever) from the existing outlet to the side skirt & fit a 1/4 turn valve on a bracket at that location. Then just leave the original outlet valve in the "open" position.
Jul 4, 2011
Hi Mike
I also bought a Chausson welcome 78eb in April.
I have done 2000miles since purchased new.
the drain valve is a bit low to modify, I don't have a problem with the drain. I mostly wild camp and if I'm not on a camp site I dump it on waste ground or a layby with a drain.
I'ts a great vehicle and we are realy pleased with it. I bought the 4 ton chassis version so i have no problem with the weight etc.
Scotland is great for wild camping, just done 10 days without any problems.
We are off to France for five weeks july/ August.
Enjoy your Chausson


Steve G4EKF


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