checking the coupling damper

Apr 3, 2005
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Try to push the coupling back into the A frame, a lot of resistance should be felt (if you can move it at all) and if you do manage to push it in, it should slowly return to its original position by itself. If it slides in and out very easily, or stays in when pushed in you need a new one. They are a sealed gas filled damper and can not be adjusted.
Mar 14, 2005
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If you suspect your damper is not wroking correctly, try the advice already posted.

Also check the temperature of the brake drums on the caravan after a short tow - they should be only just warm (touch carefully).

If the damper has failed, it is likely that the van brakes will have been applied more than normal and thus the drums hot.

I've just had a similar failure - diagnosed after finding I needed to use engine power when towing down a long hill, and also that after a very slow and gentle stop the coupling was completely compressed,


If out of warranty expect to pay