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Jul 17, 2021
Hi. Looking to buy our first motorhome and we have a three year-old. we want to be able to use a rear facing car seat which generally don’t work well with seat belts. Any advice on vehicles that have isofix? Also, any general advice on car seat safety would be massively appreciated.
May 7, 2012
You have placed this in Caravan Discussions and I doubt any of us knows the answer. There is a section for Motorhomes at the bottom of the Forums page which might be a better bet.


Mar 17, 2007
On general motorhome safety please learn from the following.

Daughters in back of motor home ( aged 14 and 12) . Seatbelted. Boring journey. They remember that there is chocolate in kitchen cupboard at very rear of motor home. Send their 16 year old but severely dyspraxic older brother back to get it. As brother is standing, looking through cupboard; OH decides at last minute to pull into services, taking the tight bend on two wheels and at speed; sending said dyspraxic brother careening into the wardrobe: still without chocolate. Wardrobe door rather broken.

Safety Tip. In these circumstances insist that all children commando crawl when the vehicle is in motion and load all chocolate into low level cupboards.

Other than that, I am of no use to you. 😀
May 24, 2014
I would suggest a rear facing seat would be damned uncomfortable for a three year old on a journey. The height of a three year old would see him/her with legs bent and squashed. Trust me, I know, we have a three year old grandson. Seat belt attached car seats are fine, but you must try before you buy, they dont suit all car seats. Example. In our Shogun, we have two identical seats, one with harness and one with harness removed (as in high backed booster) utilizing the adult seat belt. With the Shoguns seat in normal position we find the seats, even with belt lock are sloppy, but if we recline the rear seat one notch, fit the seats and then push the rear seat back up a notch, the seats feel like they have been cemented in place. Many seats nowadays, even Isofix seats either have a bottom bar that rests on the cars floor pan, or a top tether, no use at all in a motorhome. Of the three types, I would say the seat belt type are most suitable for your needs. Also, a child over the third birthday is coming to the natural life end of a rear facing seat.

To end, in the spirit of levity started by Mel, why not put the kids in one of those Zorb ball things and just let em roll around. ;)
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