Cobb Barbecue

Jul 15, 2005
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Hi Lolly,

Last year there was a long discussion thread about the Cobb BBQ on the Eriba Owners Club forum.

In summary, a group of people had bought the gas powered Cadac griddle, some had bought a more traditional gas BBQ, and whilst they light instantly and are very convenient, there's just something missing.

After this a group bought the Cobb and used them for roasting, baking vegetables, and conventional BBQ - and everyone that bought a Cobb has really liked them.

The Cobb is moderately easy to light (easier than a conventional BBQ)

The Cobb seems to run for hours on just a few bricketts - which is great if you are cooking a meal - but not so useful if you only have something quick to cook.

If you need any specific information I'll ask the guys on the Eriba forum.



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