Correct tyre pressures-you'll be amazed!!

Aug 12, 2015
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Hi guys

I am a newbie motorhomer and my wife and I have got a new Adria sg590 , a little 6 metre unit so that it fits on our drive! We've had it for 6weeks now and the tyre pressures(runs on Continental tyres) on the passenger door state 5 bar front and 5.5 bar rear. So for our first trip away this is what the dealer had set them at and this is what they were before we launched off from Jersey to the Loire Valley. Now I do motorbike track days and have no problem doing 100mph around a bend dragging my knee down on the floor, but ****** me, the handling of the Adria was at times terrifying .....(with me , the wife and our German Sheppard dog and usual stuff packed for a 5 day trip, full water and fuel) it just wandered all over the place , with the front feeling like it was on marbles. I steadfastly refused to let my wife drive it. Speeds were 66-68mph(GPS). It really did take the shine off what was our first mission in our new motor home so much so that I wanted to get rid of the thing. On returning home I searched the Internet and found that people get their vehicles weighed and contact the tyre manufacturers. I did this and was pleasantly surprised that with a standard "mission load" including full fuel, 100litres of water, wife and dog we still had 240kg of useable load until we hit 3500kg. armed with the axle weights I e mailed Continental tyres and they provided me with their recommended pressures, most surprising was the front at 3bar some 28psi lower than what the door sticker showed!!! The recommended rear was 5 bar. These pressures were duly adjusted and we have just returned from our 2nd 5 day trip to the Loire Valley.
THE TRANSFORMATION IN THE HANDLING IS AMAZING. The van doesn't wander and it's great to drive now and I feel relaxed and not tense driving the thing.Yes it does sway when we got past or get overtaken by lorrys but don't they all??? Gone is the feeling of driving on marbles and I now will keep the motor home. From this experience and as a total newbie to motor homing I am absolutely amazed that vehicles are allowed to leave the showroom with quite clearly the wrong pressures in the tyres, causing poor and quite honestly frightening handling issues. I know my little motor home has a somewhat large overhang , but really the difference that the new tyre pressures has made is immense . i do recall one of the video reviews of the sg590 by the motorhome channel(if I'm allowed to stay it) commented on the livelyness of the steering, well you know why that was....
I know this is not new to you seasoned folk , but for newbies like me, go and get your pride and joy weighed ,with a typical mission load and e mail the tyre manufacturer for the correct pressures and enjoy the ride. I've got grey hairs and don't want any more ...

Regards and happy motor homing
Dec 11, 2010
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Even seasoned motorhomers have trouble finding the right tyre pressure because weights have only recently become so much more important as base chassis get heavier to accommodate the extra safety and environmental systems whilst adding more and more potentially unnecessary accessories for us motorhomers. Tyres are much better nowadays as well.

Unless you are using sites and not wild camping, you'll probably find 20l of water is enough on the road so you cab save a bit more weight.


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