Counting C19

Oct 17, 2010
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Just been watching the prime minster on tele. In the round up afterwards, the reporter mentioned that that they are looking to revise the death figures for C19
He was explaining how they do it now in England. Apparently if a person tested positive for C19 and then fully recovered, then a few weeks later he was run over and killed, by a bus, that would be recorded as Died after testing positive for C19 and would go onto the figures of C19 deaths.

Is that daft or not.

Scotland and Wales have a cut off limit.
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Nov 11, 2009
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Yes Oxford University has been pointing out the issue for some while now. The university actually calculates current deaths are down to 40 per day. One thing that has astonished me is the divergence of views across our so called United Kingdom, and for communication between and within the four elements. Doesn't bode well for the future integrity of UK.