Crinkley panel!

Jul 15, 2022
Hi Guys,

long time lurker, first time poster.

The wife and I are seriously interested in a 2006 burstner 747-2 for sale. It’s to be viewed over the weekend. From what I know at the moment the only concern I have is a crinkled rear panel. The small dents are from bikes on a bike rack so they don’t bother me but I don’t know what would make ripples like that. should I be concerned? I’d be interested to hear any views.

Nov 11, 2009
I see it has a towbar, possibly fir a small car. If it has a big storage locker at the back I’d suspect it has been overloaded at some point or suffered road impact possibly with a sleeping policeman. Or overloaded with heavy electric bikes. But just from a photo you can’t really tell. If you are that interested I would recommend using a AWS technician to inspect it a give a report on its overall condition and in particular the rear area. But I haven’t seen anything like that before. So be very careful what you are doing as with the dings and dents the previous owners we not too fastidious. If it were me I would look elsewhere.
Jun 30, 2022
I saw something similar on a Bailey Barcelona I was interested in. Same kind of rippling but it was on the NS side panel above and to the left of the window nearest the front. The owner told me it was probably due to being left in the sun....I didn't buy that.
My guess was that there had been a heavy upward stress to the chassis on that corner. Maybe jacked incorrectly, over exerted the front steady or dropped onto something.

Either way my spider senses told me something wasn't right so I politely made my excuses and walked away.

If you feel something isn't quite right it most likely isn't.



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