delam (again) my experience

Mar 14, 2005
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the much talked about topic. i have listened to all the advice supplied on this subject and decided i had enough info to go ahead and repair my floor. i purchased a delam kit £32 and prepared the area to repair. i decided to cut the first hole some 20mm dia with a tank cutter to ascertain the problem under the first layer of plywood only to find the ply was only 5mm thick followed by 40mm of polystyrene balls then a bottom layer of ply. is this the norm, i was expecting to find the plywood to be about 10-15mm thick and signs of delamination as described in other posts I was confused because what i was looking at didnt seem to me to be the plywood floor delaminating? anyway i then proceded to drill smaller holes some 125mm apart to accomodate the syringe nozzle and then proceded to clean out the 40mm polystyrene layer some 5mm in diameter to the floor depth sucking out with a vacume the loose poly balls until i could feel the bottom layer with a screw driver or nail. i then syringed the full tin of glue and covered about 2 ft square(i put this down to the fact i was squeezing into a depth of 40mm. so the area covered was not a square metre as expected. I then left the area for 24hrs and the result seems satisfactory.Hope this is of help to anyone contemplating doing this job (not difficult by any means.)Like i say my main concerne was not to drill through the bottom layer of the plywood but this was impossible given 40mm of polystyrene then the bottom layer. am i describing what other people who have completed this task experienced or is my floor constructed differently

Mar 14, 2005
Visit site don't say what van you have.When i do a floor delam i normally remove the floor covering (but can be done from underneath) walk around the van like an idiot marking out the soft areas then drill 10mm holes into which i inject the fluid then drill a series of 3mm holes around the outside of the area which allow air out and indicate when the fluid has spread throughout the floor.

Never used more than 2 tins on an average delam.

And always wear disposable gloves and don't pick your nose when do you do it ,speaking from personal experience.



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