Dometic Fridge on working on Gas

Jul 26, 2022
Hi all, I'm new to the forum and need some help and advise please
I have a problem with my Dometic RM7371 fridge, it refuses to work on gas setting.
when I turn it to gas the orange light constantly blinks while the igniter clicks away and lights the pilot then it will stay lit for a minute or two then go out all the time continually blinking, it will do this several times and then it stops clicking, I've had the fridge out to try and find the fault but it will start clicking again?
I did get it working properly last week where the light stayed constant and the fridge started to chill but I had the turn the fridge off to move it and I'm now back to square one.
I've tapped the gas valve to see if it was just sticking but that wouldn't explain the igniter form temporarily working, I'm just stumped as to what is wrong with it


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