Elddis vs Compass and Swift vs Sterling etc. - difference between brands and models?

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What's the major difference between Elddis and Compass apart from price, and same for Swift and their other brands like Sprite, Bessacarr?

Also, although Compass disappeared in 2009, what was the 2010 revival of the brand for Vantage Leisure about?

Bit confused by all the various brands on offer, would be interested if anyone can simplify things.
Jan 31, 2018
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Fixtures fittings colour of cupboards, heating ie alde or whale etc. Have a read of the brochures for exact specs. Xplore seem to be budget with Elddis and Compass variations on a theme and Buccaneer the flagship. Most makers do this. Eg Bailey have Discovery, phoenix, Pegasus grande, unicorn and flagship Alicanto etc.and Discovery being budget end .
May 7, 2012
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Basically the difference between Eldiss and Compass is the interior colour scheme as with some Swift models but theirs is more complex.. The caravans Eldiss and Compass models are otherwise identical.
Sprite is the basic model range model range for Swift, the ranges above that are or at least were a bit of a mess, with some being colour schemes and others having Alde heating as standard. Bessacar was a firm they took over and used as top of the range but no longer.
Feb 23, 2018
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It seems that OP has deleted their account, but its worth mentioning for anyone browsing this thread that there seems to be very little actual difference between the caravans made by the companies that sell in the UK, other than the obvious visual and style differences.

There may be some construction fabric differences; such as woodless frames and/or woodless internal construction, but most companies will use different flavours of ALKO Chassis, Hartal doors, Thetford lockers, Dometic Windows, Truma/Alde heating, and a mixture of the these few suppliers for everything else.

Basically, buy the caravan you like the most.

...Bessacar was a firm they took over and used as top of the range but no longer.

You can still buy a Swift Bessacar; they appear to be a 'dealer special', albeit a fancy one, by Couplands Caravans.


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