Eldis Avante 534 Truma Blow Air and Heating probs

Nov 3, 2018
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Hi Everyone, I've just purchased quite cheaply an Eldis Avante 534 Caravan.
The issues I'm having are the blow air system doesn't work, hot water doesn't work and also the gas fire doesn't work so we've no heating apart from a plug in fan heater! The previous owner said they had only just stopped working. The thermosat on the van above the door clicks in and the fan on the fire blows but only cold air!

I would love some advice on this issue if anyone has any experience on these matters please. It's a Truma system.

Thanks in advance!

May 24, 2014
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What age is the caravan and what type of control panel do you have?

I had a similar sort of issue at the start of life with my previous caravan. In my case it was a data cable that was joined under a cupboard and the connection had parted. I am assuming though that your caravan is a little older than this, so thoughts,
are you only running on gas...............is the gas isolated?
is there a reset switch on the heater?
is there a fuse at the heater end?
Have you tuned the heating master switch on?

Much will depend on the age of caravan, and type of equipment fitted for anyone to be able to offer positive help.
Nov 3, 2018
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Hi, thanks for getting back to me. The caravan is a 2004 model. There's power at the spur and thermostat and you can hear the thermostat click in at the fire but no heat. The strange thing is that the gas won't light either and there's definitely gas getting through.
Jun 20, 2005
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heaton231 said:
This is the problem, it doesn't work on either gas or electric?
you say neither hot water system nor heater work .
They are totally separate systems, thus strange neither works on either power source :woohoo:
The heater fan works off 12 volt supply.
Check all fuses and circuit breakers?
Check 230v plug from each appliance is correctly connected to the mains socket.
Ensure water heater is full of water before turning on.
Sort the electric side first.
This may start you off


Mar 14, 2005
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heaton231 said:
No, the hot water doesn't work and the fire works on neither gas or electric!

Then I suggest you get a mobile engineer to look at both. It will save you time and probably money if you go buying the wrong parts.

Quote " The previous owner said they had only just stopped working."

Yes they ALL say that !!!!!!!!!!!!
May 7, 2012
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A bit late now but if things do not work then either deduct a suitable sum for repair or go elsewhere. I agree with Damien that if you have that much trouble, get an engineer to check it out, they should be able to diagnose it in minutes, whereas we are having to guess.


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