England and Springboks


Mar 17, 2007
Yes, but they did beat the All Blacks. Boks Deserved the win. Well done the Rainbow nation.
Also what a fantastic World Cup. Raised the global profile of Rugby. Japan were great hosts. Crowds were amazing and it looks like everyone had a great time.
Also the British pub economy got a much needed boost in the trade of bacon sarnies this morning.
Jul 18, 2017
I must admit that after seeing NZ beating the Springboks and then England mauling the All Blacks I thought that SA did not stand much of a chance. Their game against Wales was not very good and they were lucky to win. Very surprised and disappointed that England lost so badly. At least there was no rioting afterwards. LOL! :cheer:
Sep 4, 2017
Recovering slowly after a great well deserved win! Had to party with sulking English supporters, anyway made up for them! BTW must still pop round the bookies and collect my bet (placed in May this year!)
Jul 18, 2017
Any one notice that one or two players refused to allow the silver medallion to be put over their necks and one or tow others took it off straight away as if they were ashamed to have lost?
I thought England played extremely well and should be proud of their achievement coming second however if this is their attitude when they lose then I have no sympathy for them and will support Wales instead in future. :angry:
Nov 11, 2009
Having spent four delightful years living in Cardiff and attending internationals in the period 1968-72 my natural inclination is to support Wales. Otherwise my son, Gareth, would disown me. I have a ticket for the Wales v Barbarians match at the end of this month. Son and I have taxi arranged to and fro, so I don’t suppose that I will be ensconced in the Angel hotel drinking beer served from a watering can and with a card around my neck written “ place in Room xxx”
Ah fond memories. Or so my wife tells me. :)
I was disappointed too with some England players reaction to receiving their medals but can understand their extreme disappointment. But their play was poor compared to the win against NZ. And Sprinboks lifted their game too compared to the semis. Best team won.

I was in Oz when England won the World Cup and Quantas delayed the flight for a while but eventually had to take off. But the Captain kept us all informed of the result. The Australian passengers were gutted.


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