Erm...hellooo anyone there !!!

Feb 22, 2006
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thought I'd stick my head in and say hi to all.

Names Sean, wifes Mel and the sprogs are are Alex and dan.

The wife had been after a van for a few years now and talked us into going upto the NEC a coupla weeks back, "only to look mind" she said. So anyway we are soon to be the proud owners of a Bailey Ranger 550/6 (due in about a weeks time) plus awning. What with the hotel in Brum the entrance fee the petrol the food the van the awning that weekend cost me a hell of a lot of money.

And it doesn't stop there either.....the family cars an Astra estate and Corsa are to puny to pull the van so today I've forked out another 9K on a Pajero.

I can still hear those words of the wife, "we can get a pitch for a little over £100 a week, just think how much we can save in not having to pay for centre parcs"

Well so far this little venture has cost me a tad under 20K, so we are going to enjoy our van come hell or high water.

So if ever we meet on a site I'll be the one "making" the wife and kids to have fun.

Anyway gotta sign off now as the doctors are coming to give me a price for one of my kidneys, hoping at the least it might pay for the Diesel to get to site.........

So heres to joining in and having fun
Jan 19, 2008
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Welcome Sean, I dont know if you've had a van before but if not I dont think you'll regret it. Personally the thing I like about it the most is the independance it gives you. No regimented meal times etc. Do as you please.
Jun 29, 2004
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Do not wish to seem a know it all but after caravaning for hundreds of years 'Trust Me'.

You should now work on making them feel the guily party. That way they are always trying to make sure that is you thats having fun. Thats when you start to understand what a good time can come with experence.

Caravaning serfers of the world unite,