Euro 5 and Euro 6 emmission standards

Jun 2, 2015
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I have had a look at what these mean and have seen a few cars that suit my prices range and what I want from a tug but they are Euro 5 diesel engines.
Could anyone hazard a guess on how long these will still be viable machines to run given the current anti-diesel climate. I only do around 5k miles a year anyway so if I pick up a 3 year old tug with 15-20k on the clock I will expect to be running it for at least 10 years, probably longer ( I had a Citroen for 11 years and a Focus for 13).
does anyone have any inkling as to what the future holds other than persecution of vehicles capable of towing a decent sized caravan?
Mar 14, 2005
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I can't tell you exactly what the future holds, but there is little doubt that IC engine as we presently know them are likely to be phased out and replaced by much lower emmision devices.

It seems to be on the political agenda to hit users of old technology vehicles harder and harder through taxes, harsher MOT criteria and restricting access to parts of our towns and cities, and we mustn't forget the commercial side; as fewer drivers use a particular fuel, it will become more expensive to supply it as demand deminishes.

So betwixt taxes and bans, the demise of the car as we know it is almost certain, but how long it will take before Euro 5 engines fall foil and become untenable is an unknown.
Nov 11, 2009
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I agree with Prof John. It’s impossible to predict the future regulations but the most likely area of impact will be the spread of restrictions on using such vehicles in towns. So as LEZ become more widespread then options for journeys will need to be taken into account. For example the London LEZ effectively covers the area within the M25 so sites in that area may become out of bounds. The M5/6 through Birmingham may require older vehicles to be restricted to certain times or if pollution levels rise restrictions may be implemented at short notice as in Paris and some other French cities.
It’s a fact of life but I’ve no plans to change our EU4 or EU5 cars any time soon, just live with it. Anyway pollution levels will start to reduce as fuel price drops traffic density then more petrols, hybrids and electrics come into play. Just live with it and enjoy your caravan.


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