External Access Heated Storage Box

Apr 5, 2018
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I am new to the world of caravanning and recently purchased a used Swift Challenger 530SE (2001) as our starter caravan.

Solid and fairly clean we have ripped the thing apart and cleaned everything so it is like new. Now stocked up ready for our first trip but I'm curious as to what the "External Access Heated Storage Box" beneath the wardrobe is supposed to be for.

As it is external and leads in to the wardrobe and then to the bathroom I am concerned about a possible insect entry route and plan to seal the wardrobe floor in place if it has no practical use and use the box for storage from the outside only.

I'd be interested in your thoughts as I am clearly missing a trick with this.

Many thanks.


Mar 14, 2005
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The box is a simple storage box, access either from the wardrobe or outside.
The "heated" bit is the blown air tubing going through the box to the bathroom.
Oct 17, 2010
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Had one of these on my old Corniche 15/2 2,000 I found it aired the cloths in the wardrobe as the warm air filtered through, and the box was ideal for storing wet boots, dried them out nicely.
Jul 28, 2008
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They were standard on many of Swift’s products with end washrooms at that time. The caravan that we use as the PCV ‘Project van’ (which we bought new in 1999) has the same arrangement. As others have said, the blown air heating pipe passes through the bottom, so it’s useful for drying out shoes (if you put them in from the external hatch), or if you remove the panel at the bottom of the wardrobe, warm air finds its way not the wardrobe. On ours, there isn’t a butterfly in the heating pipe to open into the wardrobe, but it still gets quite warm in there.


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