F.A.O Big Roy

Apr 11, 2005
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Hi Lolly

yes I am,must be mad as I am petrified of heights!!!! theres a team of five(need one more roy!!) it is to raise money for Anthony Nolan bone marrow trust! there will be a team there on the day recruiting people for the register to be donors!and the firemen will be washing the cars(not naked tho unfortunately)

We have a local brother and sister aged four and two who urgently need a match and hence this day was brought about!! Any sponsors would be GRATEFULLY recieved,should get a signed certificate to prove we did it !!!

Thankyou Lolly !!

Tina xxx
Mar 28, 2005
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Hi Tina, sorry about the delayed reply, I haven't had time to get on to the forum this week due to work.

I will gladly sponsor you but I wont be able to attend as I have a weekend away in Wales booked for that date.

Good luck,


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