fitting card radio

May 10, 2005
Similar question to Carls. In a couple of weeks I will collect my new van which has the wiring and slot for a radio.

In my garage I have a radio/audio tape which was taken out of my new car when I purchased it a couple of years ago becuase I had a radio/CD player put in. The radio/Audio tape player has never been out of its box, so I thought I'd put it in my new caravan. The responses to Carl's question sound encouraging. I'll have a go when I collect the van in a few weeks. Now..... how do I play CD's? Can I buy one of those portable jobbies that I've seen in the supermarket for £15 and plug it to the caravan speakers somehow?

Don't want to go to the expense of buying a new car radio/cd player when I have that one in the garage just sitting there unused.

Any ideas?

Mar 14, 2005
Trisha, I assume that your radio has a cassette tape player!

A few years ago we bought a Walkman CD for our daughter and it came with a gizmo which plugs into the earphone socket and then into the cassette slot in the radio, as a cassatte would.

I now use that gizmo for listening to my iPod through the car speakers, you can use any portable device which has an earphone socket, MP3, minidisk etc. I think that you can buy these adaptors at Halfords etc. Tony


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