Flat battery

Jul 21, 2018
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Not used the motorhome, Bessacarr E340, 11 plate, for 3 weeks and battery completely flat. No response when I try to start engine or when I press the power button on the console. Is this normal? Any ideas what could be drainin it. It has only happpened once before and that was because i had left the fridge on.
Also, separate issue, the Thetford c400 unit isn't flushing - presumably a fuse or pump problem - but I can't find any instructions online on how to detect and fix.

Thanks for yr help - Im new at this and struggling with the technology.
Aug 28, 2016
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I'm sorry you have had no reply to your question.
On the battery problem, have you an alarm which may drain the battery or the radio can also drain it? The only way to check is to use a meter to measure the current drain on the battery. How old is the battery?
Can you plug in to EHU while parked? Can you connect to an external charger?
As for the toilet, does the pump work for the taps? If so the pump is ok and the problem will be related to the toilet. It will depend on the type of water system you have, either pressure sensor or microswitch controlled.
Nov 19, 2010
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Hi and welcome

Sorry I wasn't around to pick up on your first post.

And thanks, Alan, for responding.
I agree with your approach to both the electrical and water questions, but neither of us can really help the OP any further until he/she gives us the info you've asked for.

Over to you, pvsdb!


Sep 20, 2011
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Thetford C400 toilets come in two versions...

The flush-water for the C403 model comes from the motorhome’s onboard fresh-water tank and the water is delivered to the toilet by the motorhome’s onboard water pump that also provides water to taps and the shower.

The C402 model has its own integrated 15litre water tank and its own water pump to deliver water from that tank when the toilet is flushed.

This YouTube video-clip relates to the C402 model

The exact position of the 3A fuse in the cassette locker varies, so may be further back than as shown in the video-clip.

More C400 repair instructions here:



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