Fleetwood Heritage, shower problem

May 30, 2005
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We own a Fleetwood Heritage and was wondering if anyone else has experienced problems with the shower.

The hot water is left on overnight, when we try and shower in the mornings, we are are unable to get a one full shower out of it. In our other caravan that got stolen, an Abbey Impression, we were able to get 2 showers out of it.

It has been back for warranty work, it is a year old, when i mentioned this to the guy there, he said that they checked it and they managed to get the hot water mixed with cold running for 3 minutes, who can shower in 3 minutes? He told me that most people now use the shower block on site, but what about CL's that don't have shower blocks.

We bought this particular one with the large shower room at the rear to now be told it is not really meant for showering in, but ok just for a rinse off!!

Does anyone else own one of these, if so i would be grateful for any comments.

The other thing we have a problem with is the central heating. if we have it on 2kw, it makes lots of gurgling bubbling noises, but it is ok on the 1kw setting.
Mar 14, 2005
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Angela, I don't have a Fleetwood van - ours is a Caravelair Eden, which we bought new last year, and like you the end washroom and large shower cubicle appealed to us, as we prefer to use mostly CL's. Most vans use the same makes of water heaters/pumps etc., we leave the immersion heater on permanently when hooked up, the tank holds 11 litres of hot water which we set at it's highest temperature, as this then makes the hot water last longer when cooled with the cold through the mixer tap. We both have good 10 minute showers,(even my teenage daughter didn't use all the hot!) without suffering from the hot going cold, but we do also turn on the gas water heater only whilst showering to make sure that the incoming cold water from the Aquaroll is heated asap. Your dealer is trying to fob you off methinks. Try the above & if it doesn't make any difference, kick up a stink.


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