Floods and stupid drivers

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Mar 14, 2005
I think you are living in a bygone age Steve, minimum requirements for a breakdown on a modern motor car is a lap top, a crying shame I know but that's progress (is it?) secondly in the event of a breakdown on a motorway, be it only a puncture, get out and stay out of your vehicle, summons the rescue services, and wait at a safe distance, i.e. on the grass bank for there arrival, let them do the risk assessment as to whether or not it is safe to work on your vehicle. Our motorways are far to busy to try to attempt a repair your self, it is quite common to witness cars, Lorries, etc wandering on to the hard shoulder, don't risk life and limb for a breakdown, cars can be replaced life cant.

Allan & Gill.
May 21, 2008
I quite agree about the risk asesment senario. To that end I always carry a hazard triangle and also my air pump has a flashing light included and the car has a cigarette lighter socket at the rear primarily to run cooling fans for the dogs in the back but it can run the pump light. On top of that I have a hi viz vest.

First of all I park the car well to the left on the hard shoulder, even off it on the grass if necessary. I carry a 12 inch square piece of 3/4 ply wood to use a s a big foot for the jack.

Before starting any work on the car I ensure all passengers are out of the vehicle and stood clear upon the grass. My wife acts as look out for me and can shout if anything looks dodgy.

Now I quite agree that if you are not confident about doing a wheel change you should call for assistance but just remember even emercency workers get injured or killed while helping.

Finally lets not forget that even with new cars being technologically beyond the average motorist, there are still a lot of cars owned and cherished by people like myself who have to make do with 10 year old and well maintained second/third hand cars.

I love my 1998 Laguna estate but detest the new laguna with it's poor history of electronic reliability.

Steve L.


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