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Mar 16, 2005
Yes we do pay theire road tax, in the form of tolls and other permits that are required to travel in the relivant country, and no the foreign lorrys do not pay anything to run over here. we pay our road tax and then the tolls to use theire roads they pay nothing to use ourroads, yes our truckers go abroad but then they have to pay to use the motorways abroad. foreign trucks come here with full tanks of fual to avoid paying fuel tax in this country and ok our trucks come home with a full tank to take advantage of this but it is a short advantage. the only thing you have right is the myth about trucks, your right it is not the foreighn trucks that are causing the decline in uk trucks, its me, as a train driver. we took 300,000 extra lorry journeys off the road last year and up to now this year we have had a 40 % increase in freight again, all the major manufacturers are looking at moving to rail for long distance travel and most of the major supermarkets now use rail even the post office has returned after lorries proved incapable of delivering the mail on time. plans have been passed for a new rail line from the channel tunnel to liverpool using existing disussed railways, this is to be used mainly for freight it will be electrified throughout and is expected to remove 40% of all long distance lorries from the uk roads see, and see for yourself.

see you didn't read it proper. no we don't have to pay there

tolls, as we could use their non toll roads. anyone using their

m/way pays tolls [ so wheres the advantage to them]

they too have to pay to use our m6 toll road, but can just like us use the old m6.

they pay to cross any toll bridge, just like us, again where is

the advantage?

a picture is painting that they,[ europeans] come over here and

nick our work because of diesel prices? how does that work.

do they come over empty? no or already it would not be viable,

by the same token where our hgv cross over the waters do they

come back empty, well if they do they don't deserve to be in


its the same for everyone.

if there is a difference then its wages and hours driven, but then don't tell me that there are no british drivers breaking

the driving laws.
Mar 14, 2005
Clive, just for info, the company car taxation (thats the amount of extra income tax you get clobbered for, not the road fund) is based on vehicle emissions (and the vehicle list price). If something similar could be done for the private car owners road tax, all would be a bit fairer. Still, "fair" isn't a word most governments understand!!!!
Apr 13, 2005
Just been to bramhall quicks in ashton under lyne to see my mothers new car and found that they currently have in stock 3 brand new unregistered galaxy ghia 130 tdi's. they offered me one for 18000 which is 6500 pounds off list price and i had not even started to haggle, ive only just got my alhambra so i was not interested but these cars are very very cheap if you are looking. 28/09/2005.


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