Freeview/Set Top Box

Mar 14, 2005
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Is there anyone out there who runs a Freeview/Set Top Box direct from the caravan battery.? If so could you supply the make and model as this particular spec. seems to be missing in most of the descriptions I've read

I'm not interested in having an inverter or mains unit, only 12 volt models.
Mar 14, 2005
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Hello Del,

I feel it would be worthwhile adding a note of caution. I believe that all of teh Freview set top boxes that have been mentioned so far are designed for domestic use, i.e. from the mains using a 12V power supply.

Because teh 230V mains is quite reliable and will not vary very much, the power supplied are likely to produce a vey stable 12Vdc, and many power supplies will have electronics designed to keep teh the output very close to 12V.

Sadly, caravan 12V is usually anything but 12V, varying from upto 14.5V under charging conditions from the car, 13.8V with the caravan supply, and falling down to 10V as the battery discharges.

The domestic type equiepment may not tollerate these variations without malfunctioning, or it may be damaged by the charging voltages. It may pay you to obtain a 12V switching regulator to protect your equipement, and to allow to use the box on low supply voltage.


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