Guess where?

Jun 8, 2005
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Hi all.

Its a lovely CL in .......Yorkshire. Picture taken 2 weeks ago.

This is my first attempt at posting a picture. Does it appear as a picture after my text in "Try again" or is is taking you to Putfile, as it only appears as a link on my screen.

Jan 19, 2008
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Follow these instructions David

Load pics from camera to puter.

Go to Putfile - click Browse to find the pic, when you have found it click the image.

Where it says Type put a dot in Image then click Upload Media.

When its uploaded you will see a thumbnail of the image - with 3 choices of COPY button. Click the bottom COPY button where it says HTML.

Go to the Forum and open a Reply To Topic box.

In there type a comment for your pic.

Then on the next line right click then paste.

Then send the post. Finished.

You should then have a thumbnail which will enlarge if you click it.


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