Hello From Sunny Grays, Essex

Mar 23, 2018
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Hi All,
Desperate to become a caravanist, but failing abysmally the last half year. :dry:

We've even fitted a tow ball, but it's not to be, it seems...

Our parking is under an arch that is only about 2.1m high, so trying to figure out if any pop up caravans will do that & where to get one.

We've been searching high & low for caravan storage, alternatively, to be able to buy a normal caravan. But we go racing & need access 24hrs a day & have not been able to find storage anything like locally that will allow this.

Any helpful tips or suggestions very welcome. :)
Nov 11, 2009
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We had a Trigano Silver 420 DD and it would go under the arch. They even go toll free on French autoroutes. It was well made and had a good payload of around 250kg. Not a sign of damp even at 9 years old. You can get full size awnings for them which considerably make life easier. Ours had hot water, room heating and shower, hob/grill. They tow beautifully and the good news is that pre owned they cost less than Eriba. You could also look at Hymer Feeling 420 but I’m not sure if the height.
Why did we sell it? Well with two spaniels, us and granddaughter it was just too tight for wet old UK!

There’s a specialist near Northampton at Billing, another I think in S Wales and one in Portsmouth Southampton area. Sure Google will lead you in the right direction.
Good luck in your hunt.

PS Trigano Rubis or Flurette preceded the Silver models. They are now older but cost less somebwill have doors on the UK side too.


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